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How to compile Switchfin?

Date added:
Wednesday, 17 February 2010
Last revised:
Wednesday, 17 February 2010
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After you have configured Switchfin you make start the compilation

Juts type:


On a Dual Core 2GHz Pentium CPU it takes about 15 min for the full compilation.
Some part of the software is downloaded from the internet so the total building time depend of your internet connectivity as well.

The compilation should go without any interruptions and you are ready to prepare your image files.
Just type:

make image

In a few seconds you should get this done. Congratulations you have the compilation done. The result is stored in switchfin_root/build_{your_target}/image_{your_target}/
In this directory you will find few files

  • u-boot.ldr - u-boot image which you can load in your hardware target using JTAG programmer (like icebear) or serial interface (if you have already an old u-boot loaded).
  • uImage - uClinux image + file system compressed in a single file. This image typically you load using the tftp support of u-boot or using the serial interface support of u-boot.
  • uImage-md5 - This is the image above with 32 bytes MD5 check sum appended. This kind of image you can load directly (http or tftp) from the GUI of the PBX.